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Five Different Handbag Styles To Suit Any Occasion. The Accessories To Embellish Any Outfit And Mood

As a girl, the most common issue we face, is will this look good on me? Looking good can improve self-confidence and leave a great impression on others. We are not only talking about clothes here, accessories can pull together and enhance practically any outfit. So Goxip has revealed five different styles of handbags for embellishing any look, so that you can find one to suit you!

Mary Jane Shoes Are Making A Comeback

When it comes to shoes, the general rule is to invest in classic footwear that you know you can reach for time after time with minimal thought. One style that never dates—but these days looks particularly fresh—is the classic Mary Jane.

Thom Browne Launches Childrenswear

There is no stopping Thom Browne who is stepping into a new market with the launch of a a childrenswear line. The New York-based designer who is best known for his tailored suits, is offering up a shrunken version of both his mens and women’s collections but with a schoolboy twist.

Why The Hermès Picotin Should Be The Bag On Your Radar

When it comes to iconic handbags, Hermès is largely responsible for most of them. From the Birkin to the Kelly and the Constance, each resembles a historic moment in time and are some of the most sought after styles in the world. Given each bags cult status, then, it’s not all too surprising that these styles can be hard to get your hands on, the Birkin for instance is known to have a waiting list that can last months long. But what about some of Hermès’ lesser-known styles? In fact, designs like the Picotin are much easier to come by and are cheaper too (by Hermès standards).

Chinese New Year Outfit Ideas

If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, than you know that the event is chance to dress to impress. While traditions are still present, the event has definitely become more modern with creative freedom to have fun with fashion and stray away from your usual red-coloured styling.

Is Jennie The Secret Founder Of Fashion Brand Nieeh?

Hailing from Seoul, Jennie shot to K-pop stardom when Blackpink debuted in 2016. Not only do fans love Jennie for Blackpink’s empowering music and killer lyrics, but she’s also loved for her effortlessly cool outfits and individual style — whether that’s in a music video, onstage or off-duty.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Voted 2020 Global Fashion Icon !

Blackpink needs no introduction. From chart-topping hits, worldwide tours and a Netflix documentary, the girl band are on their way to global domination. It makes sense then that they’re also style icons and bandmate Lisa was even voted 2020’s Global Fashion Icon by The World’s List. Those who are fans of the band will know that Lisa is more than just a musical sensation and dancing queen; she’s also a fashion trendsetter who loves to experiment with fashion – let’s delve into some of her best looks.

How To Wear A Winter Coat If You’re Short

When you’re short, shopping for a winter coat can be a dreaded battle. Whether you are looking for a winter coat with a longer length or jackets – including blazers, it’s best to keep these tip in mind – read on below.

The Best Beanie Hats To Wear This Winter !

Whether you consider yourself a hat person or not, everyone becomes a fan of beanies when the temperature drops below freezing. Fortunately, there are many different styles to choose from which will keep you both stylish and warm – here are our favourites.