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Chinese New Year Outfit Ideas

If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, than you know that the event is chance to dress to impress. While traditions are still present, the event has definitely become more modern with creative freedom to have fun with fashion and stray away from your usual red-coloured styling.

Victoria Beckham, Hailey Bieber 和 Zendaya

Unless you’re a supermodel we suggest forgoing head-to-toe red looks and instead sticking to a few simple rules on how to incorporate red into your look. Keep scrolling for the dressing rules to follow for Chinese New Year.

Red Sweater

During Chinese New Year, red is considered to be a lucky colour, meaning “happiness, passion and luck,” which is why so many people wear it during the celebrations. One of our favourite ways to incorporate red into an outfit is with a colourful sweater – it’ll instantly elevate any look.。

Red Coat

We love going bold with our outerwear and what better way to make a statement than with a bright red coat. Extra points for this furry style.

Mix Your Textures

If you do want to go for a monotone look, then the key is to mix your textures. Opt for red leather pants and try a wool sweater for distinction.

Red and white

Red and white are two colours that always look good together, with white clothing acting a temper to bolder pieces. 

Red Accessories

Chinese New Year is the perfect opportunity to go bold with your accessories and what better way to do this than with some red jewels, a scarf or handbag. Opt for one vibrant piece and pair it with a neutral outfit in order to let it steal the show.