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Harry Styles Makes History With Vogue Cover !

harry styles

Harry Styles has had quite the solo career. With two successful albums under his belt, the Watermelon Sugar singer has also appeared in the movie Dunkirk and whether on or off the camera he has become known for a personal style that unparalleled. 

Harry Styles knows how to carry clothing. Whether it’s head-to-toe in Gucci at the Met or hanging out in LA in jeans and a T-shirt, Styles has seriously lived up to his surname. That’s because he knows how to push the boundaries of style. Testing gender norms such as icons like David Bowie, he chooses to have fun with fashion, rather than be restricted by it.

Just last month, Styles made history by becoming US Vogue’s first-ever male cover star. The cover immediately sparked passionate conversations around masculinity and gendered dressing: Styles is shot in multiple dresses and ball gowns designed by Gucci. 

Harry Styles 為雜誌封面拍攝穿著各款裙子

This isn’t the first time Harry has been bold with his fashion. At the 2019 MET Gala, Styles stepped out in a sheer shirt-cum-blouse and a single pearl earring, easily winning best-dressed of the evening. 

At just 26 years old, it’s unbelievable to think of Styles’ influence on fashion already. What we can believe however, is his ability to sell style – which is why you’ll us at Gucci.