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Forget About Cartier! Shop Hermès’ New Collection Of Wedding Rings

When it comes to luxury, no one does it quite like Hermès. Sure, you know the brand for its signature Birkin Bag, but it also has some amazing jewellery worthy of a spot in your collection, too. Its series of high-end pieces of jewellery have helped Hermès become a household name and become something of a status symbol in the fashion world. You can imagine our excitement then when just recently the brand announced a new collection of wedding and engagement rings.

Giving Cartier’s classic Love ring a run for its money the brand’s new ring collection includes the popular Grand Jete and Hermès Petit Jete ring series. All timeless in design, the Petit Jete platinum diamond ring is shaped like a small crown, with a large diamond taking centre stage and pave diamonds around it. It’s priced at HKD209,100 and HKD37,100 for the same design in 18K rose gold.

The Grand Jete, like the Petit ring, also features several diamonds for a luxurious yet still discreet finish that is unique to Hermes. Another addition to the series is the Hermès Vertige Coeur heart-shaped engagement ring, which, made out of 18K rose gold with 0.5-carat diamonds is priced at HKD62,400.

The three-in-one Grande Jete ring provides a triple dose of diamonds, ideal for the woman who wishes to break engagement convention. For the rose-gold style, prices are around HKD189,000. 

However, if you choose to go for the larger diamond-style like the image on the right, this one will set you back a pretty penny (which is worth it, of course). Prices for this style are at HKD288,900. 

(Top left) Hermès Ever Kelly platinum diamond ring HKD34,600

(Bottom left) Hermès Petit Jete 18K Rose Gold Diamond Double Circle Ring HKD59,100

(Right) Hermès Petit Jete 18K rose gold ring with diamonds HKD53,000

(Upper left) Hermès Ever Herakles 18K Rose Gold Diamond Ring HKD10,200