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Stay Fit This Winter: Blackpink’s Jennie Reveals How She Gets Her Tiny Waist

As the world’s most popular girl group, fans all of the globe are often eager to find out everything they can about the girl group and their personal lives, including their diet and workout routines. Just recently, Jennie who is known for her tiny waist revealed how she maintains her slim shape. Read on below for all her insider tips.

 1. Stay Away From Foods That Are Too Spicy or Salty

Jennie also revealed that in order to avoid bloating, she stays away from food that is too salty. This includes foods that have a lot of soy sauce in them or anything that is spicy. It’s been proven that a diet high in salt is linked to raised blood pressure and it can cause your body to retain water which results in excess bloating and swelling. Over time, consuming excess salt can lead you to crave and eat more fatty foods overall. Time to put down the soy sauce.

2. Fruit and Vegetables First – Then Protein

Jennie revealed that when it comes to her diet, she eats her meals in a specific order, which is vegetables first, followed by protein. This allows for her to fill-up on the nutrient-dense part of her meal. 

It’s been proven that the fibre and water in vegetables fill you up way more efficiently than eating processed carbs that are deficient in fibre. Combining vegetables with protein and healthy fats will keep you satisfied until it’s time for your next meal.

3. Drink Good Bacteria

In an interview, Jennie revealed that her refrigerator at home is filled with Yakult! As a fermented food, Yakult is filled with good bacteria and contains lots of probiotic cultures that strengthen our digestive system. A healthy digestive system means a healthy gut, which is required for losing weight.

4. Stretch More

Blackpink is known for their incredible dance routines, which require them to train for up to 4 hours a day. In addition to daily training, Jennie also revealed that she likes to do aerial yoga and Pilates. In the band’s Netflix documentary, Jessie Yeo, Jennie’s Pilates instructor revealed that Jennie does Pilates almost every single day. Staying fit like Jennie isn’t easy, but the outcome is definitely worth it!