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How To Wear A Mini Dress For Winter

The mini dress had long been overshadowed by its longer, more modest counterpart, the midi dress. But now it’s back and the style-set are proving that there are plenty of fresh new ways to wear it. 

Despite most of us often being afraid to go for rising hemlines, mini dresses have been a go-to style for a good few seasons and deserve a place in every woman’s wardrobe. If you still need some convincing, below we’ve listed the best new style to buy and notes on how to style them this winter.

With Chunky Ankle Boots

Wearing a mini dress is all about proportions and if you’re going for a leg-baring look, it’s key to balance it out with chunky workman-style stomper boots for a cool edge. But if you still want to elevate your look a bit, try a 2-inch block heel that will elevate your look (literally) but still feel casual.

Layering Is Key

To avoid looking like a schoolgirl, the fit of the dress is key! The last thing you want to be doing is tugging and fussing to keep your mini in place. A touch too big is just as dangerous as a touch too small, so avoid ill-fitting styles. Finish your look off with some cool layered details such as wearing a mesh top of slim-fitting roll-neck under a ditzy floral mini.

Experiment With Fabrics

From your classic A-line to your attention-grabbing body-con, the minidress comes in any number of variations. Up your look by going for a leather-look style which was all the rage this past runway season.