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The Queen’s Gambit 60s Fashion

Netflix  后翼棄兵

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you would have heard everyone talking about the hit new Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit. Set in the Cold War era of the 1950s and 60s, the mini-series follows the story of Beth Harmon, an orphan who turns into a chess prodigy. The series has been met with huge acclaim, especially for the leading actress Anya Taylor-Joy who plays Harmon.

It’s not just the script and biting chess scenes that have caught viewers attention. So has the stunning interior set design which includes pattern-filled hotel rooms and lots and lots of chintzy wallpapers which offset Harmon’s iconic ’60s style clothing. As the series unfolds we see Harmon’s character develop through her striking sense of fashion which includes mini dresses, Peter Pan collars, candy-coloured coats and daring cat-eye makeup to go with it.

In fact, if you take a closer look at Harmon’s outfits you’ll see that most of them contain a message. Berlin-based costume designer Gabriele Binder revealed that Beth’s wardrobe is filled with hidden meanings, symbols, and messages. For example, Harmon often dresses in black and white which symbolizes the division of the chess board and her attempt to fit in. The most iconic look of all though has to be Harmon in the final scene, looking like a real-life Queen chess piece all in white. Let us know your favourite looks from the show.