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Five Different Handbag Styles To Suit Any Occasion. The Accessories To Embellish Any Outfit And Mood

As a girl, the most common issue we face, is will this look good on me? Looking good can improve self-confidence and leave a great impression on others. We are not only talking about clothes here, accessories can pull together and enhance practically any outfit. So Goxip has revealed five different styles of handbags for embellishing any look, so that you can find one to suit you!

Choose A Fresh Colour To Date Your Lover

After a long time spent with your other half, things can ultimately begin to feel a little less fresh. This is where a new type of image can put a prep in your step leaving you feeling happier in your appearance. Perhaps you are used to wearing earthy colours and fancy brightening up your shades. This bag in its exquisite and unique appearance will be a great addition! The embellished handle and turquoise coloured body will undoubtedly create the spring and summer vibe you were after. In terms of matching this beauty, a simple white dress would be your go to, making the handbag stand out in all its glory!

The Bag That’s Practical And Stylist For Office Workers

For the perfect office worker wanting to keep everything in order, a bag with style and great practical capacity is an essential. You’ll be able to juggle your responsibilities more effectively in a fashionable manner. Don’t be worried about leaving anything at home with this Posillipo Gaioli piece, offering simplistic design, practicality, and enough space to hold a tablet. The wooden handle design resembles bamboo in the forest in the summer, so even on busy work days, you’ll be transported to tropical locations!

Pack Your Excitement In An After Work Underarm Bag Full Of Retro Style

After work calls for an exquisite restaurant with your favourite friends or your other half for a dine and wine session, so that means you’ll want an accessory to accompany the occasion and that’s where the elegant style of the Gucci 1961 will pair perfectly. With the retro feeling, you’’ll be re-living the era of Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady of the United States, who couldn’t be seen without it! Later, the bag was renamed the Jackie 1961!

A Simple Clutch Needn’t Be Ordinary!

There’s moments where a clutch really comes in handy. Whether it’s shopping for your daily necessities, or popping out for a local takeaway, a simply designed bag like the clutch is your best bet. However simple doesn’t necessarily mean ordinary and it’s important to look at the item’s detailing and individual elements to suit your fashion style. The Jodie bag or Twist clutch launched by BV is suitable for minimalism lovers. The appearance is flat, light, airy and with a combed texture, making it a perfect accessory for holiday wear too!

Picnics On The WaterFront & Summer Museum Visits Call For Straw Handbags

With restrictions on travel, holidays are of course spent doing activities like picnics with friends and museum trips, which all provide nourishment to your heart and recharge your energy in preparation for your next week ahead. On these occasions, casual is key. Opting for a small handbag that can facilitate these activities is what you need. Fortuna is a style suitable for casual wear, created with straw woven materials for an ultimate beachy feel and comfort in those summer months! Pair the straw bag with a pair of sandals, and you’ll be comfortable and super fashionable!