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Why The Hermès Picotin Should Be The Bag On Your Radar

When it comes to iconic handbags, Hermès is largely responsible for most of them. From the Birkin to the Kelly and the Constance, each resembles a historic moment in time and are some of the most sought after styles in the world. Given each bags cult status, then, it’s not all too surprising that these styles can be hard to get your hands on, the Birkin for instance is known to have a waiting list that can last months long. But what about some of Hermès’ lesser-known styles? In fact, designs like the Picotin are much easier to come by and are cheaper too (by Hermès standards).


Hermès Enters The World Of Mini Bags: Meet Its Newest Wallet On Chain

It’s time to downsize your day bag and switch to a mini bag instead. The trend that was first spotted all over the spring/summer 19 catwalks, from Jacquemus, Jil Sander and Oscar De La Renta and all of which helped the tiny silhouette cement its place as the It-Girl staple of 2020. And, to no one’s surprise, the mini Hermès bag sits at the top of the pyramid of desirability.


A Hermès fan or not, it would be impossible to dismiss the cultural significance of the brand. From its iconic Birkin and Kelly designs, the brand makes some of the most sought-after bags in the world. Which is why it may come as no surprise when people after say that a Hermès bag is a better investment than gold.