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Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide

Whatever your thoughts about the most romantic day of the year, there’s no denying that Valentines Day it’s the perfect excuse to play with your beauty routine. So, whether you’re going on a date, celebrating Valentine’s Day or Netflixing at home, use the occasion to hit reset on your skincare and beauty look. Keep scrolling for our top V-day beauty looks.


Exfoliation is a great way to reduce dead skin cells and have healthy pores. Choose a scrub of your choice and apply to your skin and slough off dull skin that’s dimming your inner glow — you’ll be left with nothing but luminous and super smooth, healthy skin.

Lip Balm

Let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day and lips go hand-in-hand, so show ‘em some love right before their big night. Use a lip treatment in the form of a super nourishing balm, overnight salve or a lip mask to prep your lips before your night out.

Face Mask

There’s no better way to give your complexion a healthy glow than by treating your skin to a face mask. Pick a hydrating one of your choice and leave on for 20 minutes before the V-day.

Eye Care

The so-called window of human soul to the eyes, I believe that many women also have the experience of staying up all night to work, which makes their eyes become godless! On Valentine’s Day, how can you be tiring when facing another partner? Apply eye cream! Especially the eye cream that can reduce the melanin around the eyes, the eyes will become bright again in an instant, and the love will be conveyed through the eyes!

Gua Sha Face Massage

To drain fluid from your face and provide an immediate lifting effect, massage your skin using a Gua Sha. After you’ve applied your skincare use rigorous upwards strokes, and really push up and under your cheekbones and jaw.