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Hermès 24/24 Replaces Its Lindy Bag As The Must-Have Style

Meet Your New Dream Bag

It’s common knowledge in the fashion world that buying a Hermes bag can offer a better return on investment than going all in on the stock market. From the Birkin to the Constance and most recently the Lindy, the brand is known for a lineup of timeless It bags. And adding to that list is the most recent 24/24 bag.

24/24 bag first debuted on the runway back in 2018, where it became an immediate sell-out success. Similar in shape to both the Kelly and the Birkin, it has a structured vintage-looking feel with expandable sides which make it both chic and practical to carry.

The actress Anita Yuen was one of the first celebrities to be spotted with the 24/24, immediately drawing attention to the new style. A Hermes fan, Anita is rarely seen without a tote from the luxury fashion house, she was also one of the first stars to carry around the Petit H last year.

According, the site Bagaholic, it’s been reported that Hermes is set to launch a 24/24 waist bag next year! The most youthful of all its designs, the 24/24 waist bag will appeal to Hermes’ younger demographic, whilst also providing its customers a chic, hands-free way to tote your belongings. Keep your eyes peeled for the release next year, since this is Hermes we’re talking about the demand is going to be high.