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How To Get Longer Lashes Naturally

Long, luscious lashes are the secret of a super-stylish look and with many of us having to forgo our usual lash lift and tints because of beauty salon closures, this has lead us to look into more natural methods we can do at home.

Follow our guide below on how to grow your own natural lashes.

Apply Vitamin E Oil


To help your eyelashes to grow, we recommend gently coating your lashes in a natural oil like vitamin E to promote natural growth. Use your fingers to do this or alternatively, roll a clean mascara wand in the oil to coat the brush, before combing through the lashes.

Green Tea Bags


Another trick is to soak a green tea bag and leave it on over your eyes. Green tea contains tea polyphenols, which can promote hair growth. To apply, simple moisten the tea with cotton and apply it to the eyes for about 5 minutes.

Combing Your Lashes

It is often said that combing your hair frequently can help stimulate hair growth, and the same is said for eyelash growth. As long as you keep a gentle hand, combing your eyelashes with an eyelash brush every day can help stimulate blood circulation and promote the eyelashes follicles.

Massage Your Eyelids

Massages are known to promote blood circulation. Massage the eyelids in circular motions along with the roots of the eyelashes for a few minutes every day. It can not only reduce the pigment accumulated in dark circles but also can help to stimulate the growth of hair follicles and make eyelashes grow faster.