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Why The Hermès Picotin Should Be The Bag On Your Radar

Meet Hermès’ Most Modern Silhouette

When it comes to iconic handbags, Hermès is largely responsible for most of them. From the Birkin to the Kelly and the Constance, each resembles a historic moment in time and are some of the most sought after styles in the world. Given each bags cult status, then, it’s not all too surprising that these styles can be hard to get your hands on, the Birkin for instance is known to have a waiting list that can last months long. But what about some of Hermès’ lesser-known styles? In fact, designs like the Picotin are much easier to come by and are cheaper too (by Hermès standards).

The HermèsPicotin bag is the classic bucket bag elevated. Made from leather, with a sturdy base, it’s finished with top handles and Hermès’ iconic lock detailing – however, you’ll note that it’s featured on the front of the bag and not on the top.

Another brilliant feature of the Picotin bag is its functional size and silhouette. Wide, round tops give easy access to your belongings, and allow for significantly more storage space than your typical mini shoulder bag, without forcing you to fish around for your keys or lipstick in the endless black hole of an oversized tote. What’s more, you can wear it all year round.

The Picotin comes in four sizes, PM, MM, GM and TGM. Though it’s less popular than the beloved Birkin or Kelly, the bag is a truly much more affordable option, but still guarantees the same amazing quality. If you ask us, it’s just as much a worthy investment.

Unlike other Hermès designs, the Picotin doesn’t come in as many colour variations. Instead, you can choose from classic black, tan, neutrals, orange or blue. However, the brand has been known to release special seasonal editions, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for these. As with any investment bag purchase, however, we would say a black or neutral colour is always best. That way you’re guaranteed not to go off it and its resale value is likely to hold.