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Is Jennie The Secret Founder Of Fashion Brand Nieeh?

Hailing from Seoul, Jennie shot to K-pop stardom when Blackpink debuted in 2016. Not only do fans love Jennie for Blackpink’s empowering music and killer lyrics, but she’s also loved for her effortlessly cool outfits and individual style — whether that’s in a music video, onstage or off-duty.

Recently rumours have been swirling that the new Korean fashion label Nieeh is secretly co-owned by Jennie. Why? Well, there are a few signs that point to Jennie having a special relationship with this brand. Here’s what we know.

The Clues 

One of the most telling indicators was that the influencer Irene Kim thanked Jennie for a gift from Nieeh. In an Instagram story of Kim unboxing a handbag, in addition to tagging the brand, she actually tagged Jennie and thanked her. The Instagram Story has of course disappeared, but you can see a screen recording of it on Twitter.

Another clue is that Jennie is often spotted wearing Nieeh and likewise her Blackpink sisters have also been spotted wearing this brand.

About The Brand 

Nieeh’s Brand Concept


Nieeh is known for its minimal styles, neutral palette and bags that come with a decorative chain link strap – all of which are staple looks of Jennie’s. Although it has not been confirmed whether Jennie has an involvement with the brand, we have a feeling that all will be revealed very soon.