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The Bodycare Products Kylie Jenner Loves To Use

Despite being only 23 years old, Kylie Jenner has become a self-made billionaire and beauty icon in just a few short years. For those obsessed with her beauty routine, Kylie often takes to YouTube to reveal her favourite products and get-ready with me’s, including most recently her body care routine.

In the clip, Kylie breaks down her full routine and favourite products, revealing that she loves to use organic oils such as almond, olive or jojoba oil from Amazon. Not only are these products cheap, but they are made with 100% natural, organic ingredients that also happen to be extremely moisturising for the skin. Here are some of our favourite oils to use, so that you can moisturize post-shower like a billionaire.

Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil has moisturising properties that aren’t too dissimilar from the natural oils your skin produces. This helps to provide hydrating moisture that doesn’t feel like a thick layer left on the skin and will work in tandem with the natural oils your skin produces.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is generally praised for being a great, hydrating moisturizer, thanks to its fatty-acid content. Although applying coconut oil on your face might not be the best idea for those with oily or acne-prone skin, your body, on the other hand, can handle it much better.

One top tip to applying any body oil is to apply it to wet skin so that the body absorbs it faster and reduces any sticky feeling.